Cuba, an Eternal Dream

A year after the death of Fidel Castro, Cubans continue to dream of a change that does not come... But do we really know what they think? Have they stopped dreaming?
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Technical Data

  • Country of Production: Spain and Cuba
  • Year of Production: 2017
  • Running Time43′:41″ (Included Making of)
  • Format: HD
  • Screen Ratio: 16/9
  • Color: COLOR
  • Gender: Documentary
  • Shooting Place: Havana (Cuba)
  • Original Version: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English

Specification Sheet

  • Production Company: THENINTH PRODUCTIONS
  • DirectorGabriel González-Andrío
  • ScreenplayPedro Santos Lacruz & Gabriel González-Andrío
  • Cinematography: Odiel Rodríguez, Ingacio Arregui, Helmo M. Martínez & Margarita Torres
  • Art Director: Pedro Santos Lacruz
  • Music: Emilio Campos
  • Sound: Adrián Za
  • Editing: Pedro Santos Lacruz


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